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Menstrual irregularity means that something is wrong. In patients with bleeding of unknown cause.

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Also, consult a gynecologist again as even after Duphaston tablets 10mg contain dydrogesterone, a synthetic progesterone, used to treat a variety of conditions resulting from a lack of endogenous naturally produced progesterone, including menstrual disorders and endometriosis, and for hormone replacement therapy HRT and transgender hormone therapy. Also it is mostly recommended for people who have had previous miscarriages.

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The packaging has ten tablets per strip. Iam married on aug 23rd Encouraging independence Defiance in toddlers.

Also I had ruptured ectopic pregnancy few years back, that is why my doc prescribed these medicines to me.

If not, levels of oestrogen and progesterone fall and the endometrium is shed menstruation. Keep watching this space for more! However, unlike natural progesterone it is easily absorbed and can be taken in tablet form at relatively low concentrations, whereas natural progesterone is not well absorbed by the gastrointestinal system and until recently could only be administered by injection, but now a new form of natural progesterone, which has been micronized reduced to tiny particles so that it is better absorbed is now available.

It actually supplements the progesterone level in the body to maintain pregnancy. No health questions and information on eHealth Forum is regulated or evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and therefore the information should not be used to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease without the supervision of a medical doctor.

What is the use of Duphaston tablet? Duphaston is the brand name given to it by the company. Otherwise, there is a fall in oestrogen and progesterone levels,and the endometrium or uterus lining is shed. Did not experience any complications with the first one and nor do I have any at this stage. Precautions Duphaston should be avoided in the following conditions: I started getting sore breasts just before a day or two from my period date.

You should always speak with your doctor before you follow anything that you read on this website. Please try again later. Worried about birth defects? You should keep your Duphaston tablets 10mg in the blister pack until use.