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Many people are now becoming aware of the long term dangers of taking acid blockers.

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When I finally started taking just the Aloe, I was able to even cut down on that after a month or so as I believe it was healing the problem. Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; line-height: Modesto, Ca July 29, at 5: If that does not work, then there are the PPI's.

There are 3 levels of OTC medications for treating heartburn and acid reflux: He did not say anything about the disease progressing. I managed to lose 30 pounds following his advice and training with him in just six months time. This process rarely goes perfectly smoothly. I know it can be frustrating and difficult to know when to do this! Also have stopped eating chocolate, caffeine, alcohol, fried foods, processed foods and limited sweets.

I'm planning to stay on my reflux diet and keep losing weight. If the medication is removed, the symptoms are likely to recur, thus proving this to be an ineffective treatment for GERD. There are many different treatment options for GERD.

Its works the same as any other medicine you need to stop taking after years of dependency. Turmeric clears up heartburn quickly and effectively.

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It could take a long time to get to this point! I am in a lot of pain.

Steps For Weaning Off PPIs

In my experience, the PPIs were effective, but in retrospect, I think the Protonix simply masked the real issue of needing to lose weight. The rest took a placebo pill throughout the week trial. I may never get off of omeprozole completely.

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Sharron 2 months ago. Then I used many different tricks to combat my reflux. I have now successfully lost the 50 pounds of extra weight and I am medication and symptom free! I know healthy people experience reflux from time to time but when I have a single episode of reflux is when I freak thinking that my problem never left and I will have to go back on a PPI.

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When my doctor gave me protonix I was in heaven, no more heartburn. It is because of the PPIs? Working with a holistic health practitioner such as a Naturopathic Doctor NDfunctional medicine practitioner or Nutritional Therapy Practitioner NTP can help you find the right type of supplements that work best for you. I did that for 2 weeks and just took Pepsi complete if needed.

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We are all different and have to be treated as such when making medical choices.