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Hello to Badger and Storyweaver! I'm not sure if this helps, but I hope it does. I just learned that Par stopped making Fluoxetine in July George Shannon, board member of the American Academy of Family Physicians, said there is another major difference — besides price -- between generics and brand name prescriptions that matters specifically to patients taking hormone, heart or blood pressure medication.

Hi Badger welcome to the group. Also, I don't know what time you take your meds, but I take mine at night, and it really seems to help calm me down most of the time from the day. Please read carefully the Google Answers Terms of Service. What to check before you sign Self-disclosure as therapy: The best way to do this is via their MedWatch reporting system.

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So this is a marketing technique for the company. There is no need to be cruel. I have found it works very well, and I cannot tell the difference between it and brand. Hello - thanks for asking your question.

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Btw, Pliva was the absolute worst generic I used. It was found one salt was missing, and that made a difference.

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The FDA requires generic drugs to have the same quality and performance as name-brand drugs, and their Web site cites research that found generics to work just as well as name-brand drugs. I was then switched to generic Prozac and it seemed to working fine until about 6 months ago when the manufacturer had been changed.

Can Prozac cause worse anxiety?? She said it took more of the generic to do the same thing as the brand name.

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Pilva is the worst. I have a happy life, but this drug is taking me back to my days of suicidal ideation. I can tell you this….

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Generics are permitted to enter the market and compete with brand-name drugs once the brand-names come off patents. Your question will be posted in Panic - for other topics use the search box.

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Hi Superman, I must admit I am not sure whether or not I take the generic kind or the brand