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The damage to the small intestine experienced by those with CD prevents adequate nutrient absorption. Warfarin is an oral medication, while heparin is given by injection or intravenously. How does the Vitamin K content in beets raw compare with other foods? Since that note, I did revisit that post on beets and updated it to share this information:.

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Here are some examples of foods that compare with beets cooked, boiled, drained. Heparin also prevents blood clotting but does not affect vitamin K. Answers from Sheldon G. Find out the exact amount of Vitamin K in micrograms of almost a thousand common foods!


Important information to know when you are taking: To give you an idea of the vitamin K content of some common foods, check out this list:. Too high of an INR indicates risk for bleeding problems. About Gigi Gigi Stewart, B. Accessed June 3, Muffet"beets," Published July 7, Please note that the Ask Dr.

Vitamin K for improved anticoagulation control in patients receiving warfarin review. Please select your gender.

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This increases the time it takes for a clot to form. Please enter a valid email address. Accessed June 9, Rutabagas, cooked, boiled, drained, without salt. Vitamin K is essential for those reactions. Vitamin K is involved in several body processes, but plays a critical role in:. What foods should I avoid? Blood thinners are more correctly called anticoagulants.

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The more Vitamin K you take, the more chemical reactions your body makes for your blood to clot. How much Vitamin K is in blueberries? Toggle navigation INR Trac k er. Hence your blood gets "thicker".