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I was mentally consious, but could not communicate in any way. To say you would only pick the Doc without a perforation means you're picking a Doc who's inexperienced. And lobby your insurance company now to pay for virtual colonoscopies. Based on all of the above, I was really worried that I would not be able to make it through the prep, and also worried about having a "garden hose" shoved way up inside me.

I recommend making sure that a really experienced doctor does it himself on you It like a repeat of my 5 year old experience. What is the best and easiest prep for a colonoscopy? Please feel free to read, share your thoughts, your stories and connect with others! The average colon cancer has mutations in 90 genes, but it takes on average 60 years for these to build up. One "aggressive" polyp should be followed in six months to make sure it is all gone, and then a year later to make sure it has not come back.

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The colonoscopy is the absolute BEST way to protect yourself against colon cancer. Once generics come out, then there is some competition, but even then, companies need expensive liability insurance, and to maintain certain quality standards. Many of my colleagues are nothing more than glorified auto mechanics or seamstresses. I came out of it with a startle minutes after they stopped the drip and scared out of my mind. I will do my best to answer: There are too many people who are afraid to have screenings done.

The last one I had for a procedure lasted three weeks and ended in a mild heart attack. After I found out more about Versed, it made sense to me why I was feeling that way. Short-term amnesia is a potential side effect of Versed and, for most people, not a bad one. I think it made all the difference. Besides foods, anything else to lower my risk? I believe that adults should be given an informed consent to sign before they are given Versed.

It was all I could think about. BUT you need to also know that Propofol is not without its side effects.

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I suspect your troubles come from the use of a narcotic such as Demerol meperidine or fentanyl. THE doctor was complaining she hadnt had lunch yet too. Do you have a heart murmur?

I don't remeber my children growing up, major events that have happened in my life, Versed and the moron's that almost killed me with it took ALL of that away from me. Generally, bowel preparations require ingestion of at least 4 liters of laxative.