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Hi, so over 5 hours ago I snorted mg of oxycodone on an empty stomach. Thus, the assessment process can determine if he needs inpatient detox assistance.

I went to the ER twice and they keep telling me its costchondritis? Taking too much oxycodone can cause your breathing to slow down, become more shallow, and possibly stop, depending on how much medication you have taken. Yet, do not wait and do not worry about him being labeled an addict at such a young age.

I asked my new weed hook-up if he knew where I could score some powder, but all he could get were those Small, Round, Blue, M30's. My wife told me everything once they found me she was at work my boy was to but they was there at the van when they was working on me…. Additionally, oral controlled release versions of oxycodone have a longer duration of action when taken orally vs snorted. Anyways, I just wanted to tell people who weren't aware of any of this, to please give Oral Oxycodone a shot, and post back on this thread.

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Snorting Oxycodone puts you at increased risk of accidents due to your impaired abilities. Then at work someone would always sell me Vicodins and loved it as well soon it became an addiction i dont go to the point were i steal or anything but now im afraid to stop CT because of my job i cant function without it, i dont even feel high sometimes when i snort 60 mgs of blues, i just want to feel normal and get my life back when i was enjoying my family without pills playing basketball, problem is i sell blues and have so much access to them.

These fillers are normally just expelled as waste, but when you snort them you create the risk of blockages occurring in your sinuses and lungs and the latter may lead to reduce lung capacity and respiratory arrest. For those who don't know what bioavailability is or means Oxyrisin2Apr 11, And although narcotic pain medications can be taken orally, nasally, and even intravenously, oral preparations of oxycodone are safer, because the dose is more controlled.

I am under the care of a pain management doctor. If it's this style of pill, with no APAP, it's fine to snort. Now he has depression, sometimes severe. I stopped for a week…… The pain was excruciating… im talking about the knee.

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This includes neighborhoods AND cities. Physically, snorting oxycodone can also cause feelings of dizziness, lightheadedness, and even cause mood changes. I have been on an off these pills and for some reason which I hate myself for on my 4th pregnacy I started snorting them again at around 5 weeks I had many issues in my life and now I'm 1r wks just getting clean to go to a doctor cuz I've been so afraid to go and the withdrawls are harsh but I am on day 3 I haven't gained any weight or eating healthy in mths my question is what kind of harm will and can this drug do to an unborn child other than withdrawls?

In fact, there is an mbox 5mg version.

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I have used oxycodone hcl off and on over 15 years for pain and have been on 5mg 4x a day for pain for a little over 1 year back, trigeminal neuroliga, hip and arthritis. Alsoi have to add that as of today wedensday i am actually beginning to feel slightly better than the previous two days.

He quickly gave me per month. This can result in organ damage or death. I have heard that the elimination half life if oxycodone is 4. He took 5 or 6 of them per day and then began snorting it. However, I eventually gave in, and after 6 years of responsible narcotic use for the pain I was, unavoidably, physically addicted.