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Hydrocodone can also be used for animals just like people. Ketoprofen may be used with great caution in cats at the same dosage but it is hard to do this practically, since the tablets are 10mg in size, which is the dosage for a 22 lb. At other times, although not in any apparent pain, he sits down suddenly and curls around to either bite or lick at his rear.

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The site and services are provided "as is" with no warranty or representations by JustAnswer regarding the qualifications of Experts. About a week ago he had a seizure. Join Date Mar Posts 2.

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Never give Vicodin to your dog under any scenario. They can have 2. It's good to know you're there!! We rescued this one so have no history on her breeder. The most common are vomiting, loss of appetite and diarrhea. We have an obligation and a God-given responsibility to care for and provide all animals with as much freedom, safety, protection, gentle treatment, fresh water and healthy food.

If your dog is allergic to saliva from flea bites… are you using Frontline or Advantage or Revolution??? Pain associated with shingles and with diabetes are examples of neuropathic pain in humans.

If so what are the consequences? I want to ease her pain as much as safely possible.

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The first number specifies the amount of the narcotic Hydrocodone in mgs, whereas the second number specifies the amount of acetaminophen, also in mgs. Since steroids can cause Cushing's, it is obvious prednisone is not a possible treatment for the AIHA.

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My healthy 5 yr old golden retriever has an ear infection. My dog cannot stand up this morning and is limping. I desperately need your advice since my dog is in a lot of pain and my vet seems to be running out of solutions Please let everyone involved with your site know that your Expert, Dr.

He has had some loose stools lately, and we have had trouble housebreaking him. It actually addresses pain control in cancer patients but there is a section on bone pain that is probably applicable to osteoarthritis. My dog Sammy has a upper respiratory infection with a temp of Is there something I can give him with the previcox to help protect him? This means that it takes five times as much pain stimulus to cause the people or pets at the high end of the spectrum to feel pain.

This is the worst I have ever seen him act this way.