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Since they said it had passed I drove to work in tears, just as I was slightly feeling better I felt worse than ever that I had flushed it. I did not bleed to heavily at all throughout the weekend but did pass 2 large clots overfilled a pad — tennis ball size on Saturday late morning.

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Look for the dosage of Misoprostol on the package, usually the tablets contain mcg but other dosages do exist. I waited 3 weeks hoping to naturally miscarry but to my discouragement nothing happened so i decided to go ahead with the Misoprostol.

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I sat on the toilet then for about an hour, just having blood gush out of me. I was sort of gassy, but again, it was not too painful. Safe birth with Misoprostol Questions and Answers Sexual health and abortion services worldwide Safe Abortion Hotlines Warning, fake abortion pills for sale online!!

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At week 9 and 2 days I had an US during which the gestational sac looked like it was squeezed into a shape of an inflated disk. I made sure to have a filling dinner, as I was concerned with possible nausea.

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My heaviest bleeding was only the night of taking the pills, and then I probably bled for about 14 days total. Sometimes it takes time for all the contents of the womb to come out.

I decided to take a Tylenol 3 the doctor had prescribed these for me.

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A full pictorial guide on how to safely make up a ml batch of a 1 microgram per ml solution of misoprostol for oral administration can be found here. A simplified dosage chart for non-doctors is also available here.

I was really scared to take this medicine and had to come to grips that this pregnancy was not going to be viable.

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She should spit out the inner hard tablet. Update from Anonymous of March 5: Did you collect it correctly? I started cramping and bleeding within a few hours. Thanks again for sharing your story I keep telling myself I'm going to take them and everything will be ok, but I'm scared to death. I was diagnosed abroad and felt that they had not informed me sufficiently of what to expect.

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I hope this helps someone else. Some women attempt to have an abortion by placing sharp or dirty objects into the womb or by punching the belly. After days of crying due to our hopes of a new baby being crushed I decided to take the pill at 12 noon.