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Do you have Drug screen false positive when taking Pepcid? A false-positive LSD test can occur in people taking metoclopramide Reglana drug used for esophagus disorders or as an anti-nauseant. The list below shows hundreds of products that AskDocWeb has been able to document as causes of a false positive drug test result. I keep coming up positive for pot and stopped using awhile back,can donns back pills be the cause of it? Pepcid is not known to cause false positives on drug tests.

By the way, Metoclopramide has also been known to cause false positives on pregnancy tests.

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Certain opioid painkillers, such as tramadol Ultram and meperidine Demerolcan produce a false-positive test for PCP. Tested positive for barbiturates Date: I drink a little bit and smoke very little weed.

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If you still piss dirty then you may as well fess up to the factthat you are using. They can give a false-positive test for marijuana. It is sold under the brand names of Razepam, Restoril, and Temaz. Try searching for what you seek or ask your own question. All material available on eHealthMe. That would vary depending on which urine test is used. How to use the study: The courts sent it off and it came back as a false positive.


I just test for positive for barbiturates and amphetamines today. Courses were developed especially for physicians by business health experts and experienced physicians. I have 48 hours. Same thing happened to me when I was pregnant and nurse tried treating me like a drug addict. Yes, Sudafed is known to cause false positives on some urine drug tests. They said it was for Amphitamines. He is taking more than the recommended amount of ibuprofen and overdosing on ibuprofen is known to cause false positives for marijuana on test results.

It is often used in gastroesophageal reflux disease. Will a hemp topical ointment make me fail a drug test? I just need to know if the fever and sweating could cause him to show up positive again after being negative. He's got a warrant out for his arrest for doing what he is supposed to do and still he is in trouble This is especially likely if the drugs or their breakdown products have a chemical structure that is similar to the tested drugs.

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