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Day 3 is usually the hardest. Everyone is wonderful on this forum and happy to give you advice.

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Top groups Groups by medication Groups by condition. I seem to have every sign. And I dont have anyone to give it to so they can control it for me because this is my dirty little secret. I figured I'd sleep it off.

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Emotional symptoms of oxycodone withdrawal may include: Do you know how to answer? For me the mental stuff has been the hardest. I know I'm not out of the woods but. Then he put me on morphine 15 mg every 12 hrs is that cool while trying to get off the Oxycodone? I tested positive, but was let off because it's documented that my daily medication would cause that Lost my connection though, so after one month lost all my money.

I take pills a month, i went to detox 2 times stayed 1 week came home next morning very sick, had to start my pills again cause i was so sick and could not take anymore than 1 week off of work! And didn't have to do anything during this withdrawal except get better so I know I had it better than some.

The two of us know we need a healthier way My family doctor thinks anyone who asks for these is an addict and so many doctors are afraid or stygmatized to write these prescriptions. It's an excruciatingly slow process. How did I do it?

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Don't work too hard. Also, consider using some alternative methods to manage pain.

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Symptoms during this time are largely physical. Sure it made me feel very energized and that I could do anything but damn is it worth losing everything your family, your home, everything NO no pill is worth that and I do not plan to relapse. I was wondering how many and what kind were you taking. Call us now for help finding treatment.

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But thank you for the warning. Relapse is most common during this window. Take a good multivitamin and B Complex along with calcium, magnesium, and zinc supplement. And please don't forget to explain a bit about how to do forum, we need help directing people to you.