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Migraine and tension-type headaches have some similar characteristics, but also some important differences:. I have been on xyrem since Nov They are the most important migraine drugs currently available.

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See comment in PubMed Commons below Headache. Now I'm in Agony with my stomach. I have been nauseated everyday. Also, your health care professional may be able to tell you about ways to prevent or reduce some of these side effects.

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I remember what I went thru to regain my self esteem and find my footing again as things changed around me and as I changed. Many patients with chronic migraine also suffer from depression.

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Can you please tell me if the Klonopin may be causing this? Symptoms of retinal migraine are short-term blind spots or total blindness in one eye that lasts less than an hour.


These side effects may go away during treatment as your body adjusts to the medicine. For help with memory problems right click this free ebook and save file as Mind and Memory Mastery. Last Update November 7, Amitriptyline Elavil, Endep, generica tricyclic antidepressant drug, has been used for many years as a first-line treatment for migraine prevention. Related Resources for Imitrex. If medication overuse causes rebound migraines to develop, the patient cannot recover without stopping the drugs.

I noticed when the Zoloft was increased, so did the pounds.

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I had no migraines back then. Didn't get the message? Very sincerely, Nanniej AskDocWeb: I forget everything conversations sometimes where I put things, people I talk to.

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Butorphanol is an opioid in nasal spray form that may be useful as a rescue treatment when others fail. My other symptoms include parasthesis in feet, falling often, broke hip last yearmemory losssevere depression. Botox is given by multiple injections to the head and neck area about every 12 weeks.

Medication overuse headaches are also called rebound headaches. MY migraines are pain level 10 lasting 5 day so I had no choice but to load up on the meds.

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Anti-seizure drugs [usually divalproex Depakote, genericvalproate Depacon, generic or topiramate Topamax, generic ]. Angiotensin-receptor blockers ARBssuch as candesartan Atacandare another type of high blood pressure medications being studied for migraine prevention. In some cases, patients eventually experience on-going and chronic migraine previously called transformed migraine.