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Can I use Zyrtec as a sleep inducer? Are they recommended for different What are the differences between Aerius, Zyrtec, and Fenistil? Because kickbacks of this nature are illegal, it is usually the ignorance of the physician that causes drugs like desloratadine to be prescribed. Get matched to a licensed therapist whom you can audio, video, and text anytime. The road to recovery is through therapy, now online. This type of minor malpractice occurs with all sorts of pharmaceuticals, such as with the prescription of esomeprazeole over OTC omeprazeole to give another example.

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Neither drug crosses the blood-brain barrier very effectively, so they tend not to induce drowsiness in typical dosages, but both have anticholinergic effects. The three have different active ingredients. Submit any pending changes before refreshing this page.

This answer is not a substitute for professional medical advic This page may be out of date. Related Questions Does Zyrtec have any side effects? Learn More at talkspace. Still have a question?

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There are actually notable differences between the three and contrary to Ben's answer, their clinical effects are NOT identical, and in my opinion, it is rather silly to think of them as "the same medication".

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