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I thought I was to take an oral swab test, but found out that I will take a preemployment urine test. However, I was in the hospital 2 weeks ago and was prescribed oxycodone. I thought about doing just that as I believe it is just a 5 panel DOT from what little I could pull of of the web.

And this decision is based on whether your levels of hydrocodone correspond with expected norms. I never done heroin in my life.

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Thanks so much for you information. I take norcos 10 mg. He is basically accusing me of taking oxycontin because 2 tablets were found in our employee restroom. It seems like whomever was tested may actually be taking something different harder drugs…oxycodone, morphine, heroin?

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I don't know when results come back, but I am deathly afraid of a positive result. Would these tests be testing me separately for Norcos?

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Did not use all of it so I kept the rest in the refrigerator. I would be taking the test at a military base, and I believe they test for opiates, although I am not sure if they screen for more than morphine. He said it should be higher if I am really taking it as prescribed. Even though it may not apply to you, check out this pamphlet about the rights to employment for former drug users and addicts: I've done lots and lots of drug test throughout life; I kinda have an idea.

Hydrocodone levels for a urinalysis should even out after a few days of taking Norco as prescribed. I went and dropped for an instant and even though id been taking it all day before it was negative……. I a ow really worried I failed. Not saying you are just how you typed it it deffinately sounds like it.

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Thanks so much …. Nov 12th I had hair drug test and urine. Should I buy an otc drug test or can the dr look specifically for it in a UA? However, most 5 or 10 panel drug screens do not screen for hydrocodone. I really want to go to school to be a Pharmacy Tech but am scared that after all the schooling I will not be able to be employed with the medication I am prescribed. The DOT test generally screens for 5 classes of drugs: