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You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Seniorboy is a pill phobic - I wouldn't even attempt to give him one.

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Still Ghost got 11 happy months with me, before his kidneys suddenly failed. I was told by the vet that it will change.

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Tablets of 5mg, 20mg and 80mg are manufactured for cats and dogs. Clomipramine should not be used in animals with known hypersensitivity or allergy to the drug. That said, I know other members here have had no success with Feliway. The action of clomipramine on the human EEG is one of desynchronization. Consult with your veterinarian to determine if other drugs your pet is receiving could interact with clompiramine.

I've cut back on the work hours but cant help with the other factors. Clomipramine appears to have a mild sedative effect which may be helpful in alleviating the anxiety component often accompanying depression.

Given that the one cat I referenced "zombied" with just 2.

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Barbiturates sedatives and anesthetics. I have taken her off the Clomicalm, and she is much more her normal self, and touch wood, no accidents, although Gentleman Pussy, who usually shouts at her when she performs outside the box, has just done a massive wee on the carpet, so back to the vet tomorrow with him Already registered with Mumsnet? I was cautioned that, even after neutering, he might continue spraying. Osurnia Otic Suspension Florfenicol, Terb Then he started on the couch.

Be certain to complete the prescription unless specifically directed by your veterinarian. She is 12 years old. Note that passwords are case-sensitive. Sep 10, 4. In the beginning, medications for anxiety relief such Valium caused sedation and chemical dependence.

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My most assertive cat, Taz, headed for "the hills" when, recently, an acquaintance came by for the first time. Some cats, like some humans, need more help than others. Plus, having to shut our bedroom door every night is hard as they meow for hours, not to mention it breaking my heart at the same time!

Overtime they build up in the system so have a lasting effect and can already see an improvement in him not hiding under covers to sleep, not complaining at being picked up, rubbing around legs and generally a bit brighter in himself. It's licensed for dogs, so your Vet is prescribing it off-label. The symptoms came partly back every time something disturbed him, so I cleaned pee and poo on beds and sofas, and listened his whining.

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She was on it for 3 month.