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Anyone who has experienced the crippling chest pain from Imitrex shot understands. It is a free downloadable pdf document. Allan Bernstein, Neurologist Trainers - We have a question about the use of Imitrex and why its use is often limited.

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Think of it this way: Even more scary than getting a rebound headache is the perception by doctors that my constant migraines are caused by medication overuse. July 15, at 5: I have a migraine everyday at 6: Insurance is intended to spread the risk and cost across healthy people and sick people, but with the high cost of drugs and health care services, even relatively healthy people often cost more than they pay in premiums.

Kate, the limits actually started before MOH became a widespread concern, but MOH will certainly keep the limits in place. Do you get more triptans if you choose generic over name-brand?

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Red candy has stimulants, maybe this is a good time. Trainers - What you just said is really an important piece of information, about which people do not seem to be aware. No answers should be viewed as a diagnosis or recommended treatment for a condition. Bernstein - There are people who start using Imitrex and tell you it works great, then tell you 6 months later it doesn't work anymore.

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I bet everyone of you including myself is in a medication over use. You may keep a headache diary to record your headache frequency and drug use. July 15, at 1: Is it a health concern or is it too expensive for the insurance companies?

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Worse than the migraine. October 29, at 8: However, this patient population had self-selected the use of daily triptans. Pills get cut in half, because sometimes 50mg works and then I can stretch them out longer.

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June 21, at 2: Patient- "My Imitrex is down to three a week. Do not use sumatriptan if you have taken other triptan migraine medicines or ergot-type medicines within the past 24 hours.

I found this crazy to hold off on the triptans, wait to see of it got so bad I had to go to the ER which it always did and then dealing with that whole ER situation which is a nightmare on top of what I already have. I was quite angry when I first saw the article. I have constant migraines and need to be able to care for my kids and drive.